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Many English learners come to us with the problem that they cannot keep up learning – and if they can, they do not see real progress. We created a method that keeps you motivated and takes you to the next level.

When planning and designing the lessons, we used all we had in store: more than 40 years of experience altogether, expertise, creativity, fantasy and a touch of humour.


the power of stories
in learning


Staying motivated is key to successful language learning.

Exciting stories naturally keep up your motivation – you will want to know what happens next in the novel you are learning with.

This way, your learning sessions will be regular.


It is easy to get confused by the grammar if you only learn the rules and solve exercises with typical example sentences.

Language is organic. You will ‘feel’ rules when you are aware of them and see and hear many examples in an organic context.

Stories are such an organic context.

Levelty stories help you focus on grammar items and understand them – each chapter is focused around a specific grammar item.
1. Every chapter of the story is full of examples of the grammar item it teaches
2. There is a comprehensive explanation + practice exercises in the lessons connecting to the chapters.

olvasva tanulás learning by reading

sounding intelligent at all levels

Learners of English can find it frustrating that they sound much less intelligent in English than in their mother tongue.

Levelty stories are written at YOUR LEVEL. They are not some ‘dumbefied’, simplified version of a higher-level text. In the Levelty stories you will find sophisticated, intelligent ways to use English at your level. Because sounding great is not about knowing everything. Using accurate English can be done in a simple way, too.

Creating your ‘english brain’

With Levelty, you will be learning in a 100% English environment. This will help you shift to the logic of English. As you read the story, study the explanations and do the practice exercises, you will discover the structure and essence of the English language. Before you know it, English will become natural to you and not something ‘foreign’.

Try the Levelty method

created for the language learners of the 21st century

...like an addict...

When the new lesson arrives, I read it immediately – like an addict who wants to get to their dose.


I simply WANT this!

I simply WANT this! At last I understand English grammar! There is grammar, vocabulary, some words in pictures, listening, pronunciation practice and quizzes.”

/Vas Judit/

I learn so easily

The best thing about my Levelty course is that I’m learning English sooo easily.

/Horváth Sarolta/

I can praise myself

I need grammar very much. I’m happy that I can learn English grammar with this method in a very entertaining way. I hate classic grammar exercises. But I love it when I can praise myself that I have discovered a rule.

It's incredible how easily words stick in my memory

I still remember the words and sentences from the story! It’s incredible how easily new words stick in my memory. I love this method. I can hardly wait for the next lesson, I’m so curious about what will happen next.

/Vas Judit/

I find English easy with this method

I just love these lessons. They are complex but simple at the same time. Very well-constructed materials. It motivates me a lot because I find English very easy with this method: I remember the new words, I understand grammar, I enjoy the audiobook. And I love it that it’s so exiting that I want to sit down and learn.

/Cselőtei Erzsébet/

I'm happy to learn with this method

I’m happy to learn with this method! My vocabulary is wider, I understand spoken English much better, and the English grammar is getting clearer. This method is very efficient!

/Schmidtmayer Edit/