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What’s so special about

learning English through stories?

You never get bored

Have you ever found learning boring or difficult? Forget about it! Stories make learning FUN. You can take part in exciting adventures, and you can hardly wait for the next episode of the story. Like in your favorite serial. So, you’ll enjoy every moment of learning and stay motivated.

You learn useful English

Do you want to learn important words? Authentic stories contain English that we use in real life. So you can make sure that you will only learn useful things that come up in everyday conversations.

You learn words and grammar easily

Do you find learning words and grammar difficult? If you see a word or grammar structure in different contexts again and again, you yourself can draw consequences on how to use it. This makes you remember words and grammar easily. Just give it a try and you will see.

Be addicted to learning English and get fast results.

Try the Levelty method and

learn English easily

Ask for the FREE lessons and you will get a series of English lessons, which is a short course based on a story, an urban legend.

These lessons will


teach you grammar


enrich your vocabulary with words and phrases


improve your listening and reading skills


perfect your pronunciation and make you speak


Try the Levelty method

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...like an addict...

When the new lesson arrives, I read it immediately – like an addict who wants to get to their dose.


I simply WANT this!

I simply WANT this! At last I understand English grammar! There is grammar, vocabulary, some words in pictures, listening, pronunciation practice and quizzes.”

/Vas Judit/

I learn so easily

The best thing about my Levelty course is that I’m learning English sooo easily.

/Horváth Sarolta/

I can praise myself

I need grammar very much. I’m happy that I can learn English grammar with this method in a very entertaining way. I hate classic grammar exercises. But I love it when I can praise myself that I have discovered a rule.

It's incredible how easily words stick in my memory

I still remember the words and sentences from the story! It’s incredible how easily new words stick in my memory. I love this method. I can hardly wait for the next lesson, I’m so curious about what will happen next.

/Vas Judit/

I find English easy with this method

I just love these lessons. They are complex but simple at the same time. Very well-constructed materials. It motivates me a lot because I find English very easy with this method: I remember the new words, I understand grammar, I enjoy the audiobook. And I love it that it’s so exiting that I want to sit down and learn.

/Cselőtei Erzsébet/

I'm happy to learn with this method

I’m happy to learn with this method! My vocabulary is wider, I understand spoken English much better, and the English grammar is getting clearer. This method is very efficient!

/Schmidtmayer Edit/