Do you want to take
a successful language exam?

For a successful language exam you need two things:

– structured knowledge

– confidence


You need stable knowledge, so that you can use what you’ve learnt confidently.

And if you also want to be fast at the exam, practice the different types of exercises you will have to solve in the exam. Do a certain type of task again and again until it becomes routine.

Structured knowledge

At the exam, you have to present your English knowledge confidently. There will be no time to hesitate.

To achieve this, first create order in your head. See everything you know in a structured system. Then, complete this well-built system with all the necessary grammar and vocabulary you need to know at the exam.

Without structured knowledge and confidence, you are doomed to failure.

What to do?

You have to widen your language repertoire, and solve exam tasks timing yourself to get the routine.

How will you create order in your head and get the necessary knowledge? Let’s admit, exam preparatory materials are rather boring and do not focus on giving you a system of the language. You need materials that motivate you, focus on the level you need, and give you long-term structured knowledge to show off at the exam.

It’s evident that you have to devote time for learning. However, it is also important to spend this time both usefully and enjoyably. And it is a great advantage if the learning process is fast as well.

If there is a method that can make you learn fast and effectively without strenuous effort, you will choose it, won’t you?

The key to a successful exam is how you learn.

You must be efficient and continuously motivated.

Forget the boring exam preparation tasks. Levelty Books materials have been designed to bring you constant enthusiasm about learning.

With this method you can step from A2 to B1,
from B1 to B2, or
from B2 to C1
in 6 months.

In addition, its “network” method guarantees that you need one quarter as much effort to memorize as with regular methods. This spares a whole lot of time for you.

With the network method the learning process happens fast and naturally as all the things you have learned appear repeatedly in different contexts. This creates an information network in your brain, which makes you remember everything effortlessly in the long run.

You will have structural knowledge, everything you need at the exam.

Here’s what others say about the Levelty method

 “The exciting story leads students on from chapter to chapter, while they learn both colloquial English and important grammatical structures. Challenging and fun – a great teaching and learning tool.”

Antonia Burrows

English tutor, proof reader, creative writing instructor

“All I need is in one place and it saves me a lot of time and energy: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and a lot of examples in context. I get unlimited access to the course, so I can go back and practice whatever I need to. At the language exam I was proud of myself because I could use a lot of things that I learnt from this course. No other method has been this efficient for me.”

Zita Gadó

Levelty learner (Hidden Movements)

Do you want to experience how easy and enjoyable language exam preparation
can be with Levelty Books?

Then start preparing for your language exam with us, now you can try the method for only €1.

After payment you can immediately learn with the method for a whole month without restrictions.

What happens after the first month?

After the first month your course continues automatically unless you cancel with a click. You pay a regular amount for only 5 months but the course will be yours for ever, no more fees.



Your Levelty course includes...


An online novel

The online course is based on a novel written directly for the course, at that level. The course is built on this novel. Each chapter of the novel focuses on a specific grammar item, which recurs in the chapter.

The story and the lessons are available online, on a restricted area on the website, but there is also a printed book (the novel itself) which will be delivered to your address in the middle of the course.

So, by the end of the course you will have read a whole book in English, and you will understand it perfectly.

A 6-month-long online course based on a novel

After purchase you will find your first lesson in your Account, so you can start learning immediately. You'll get a new lesson every week for 6 months. Each lesson requires 2-4 hours to complete, and it's totally up to you when you devote this time to learning.

You will get unlimited access, which means that you can go back to a lesson anytime, within the 6 months and later too.

Downloadable audio materials

You will get 2 audio materials:

1.) Audiobook of the story the course is based on. The audiobook, colored with sound effects, has been recorded in a professional studio with a professional voice actor.

2.) A "listen and repeat" practice to each lesson

Videos to improve your pronunciation

Each lesson contains a section with a video, which provides pronunciation practice of the key sentences in the lesson.

It also makes you practice vocabulary and grammar.

Grammar explanations and word definitions

Each chapter focuses on a grammar problem. The method encourages you to deduce the use of each grammar item first, but then you can check yourself with the professional and visually attractive grammar explanations as well.

The vocabulary of the story comes with definitions and example sentences online as well as in a printable format.


You can practice reading and listening comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary with online exercises. You can redo the exercises as many times as you need to complete them perfectly.

Also, there are revision lessons with extra exercises during the course.

Motivational emails

To strengthen your motivation, we will send you emails about each new lesson available in your Account. In these emails you will also get useful tips on how to learn for maximum efficiency.

Printed book

Do you enjoy the smell of printed books? Do you prefer reading from a book to reading from a screen? The novel that the course is based on will be delivered in the form of a printed, hardcover book as well.


Online teacher consultation

Although the course is designed for self-study, you might have some questions about the learning material. No problem, at the end of each lesson you can find a section where you can post your question and we will answer.

This means that you always have a teacher to ask.


At the end of the course you can take a test to prove how much you have improved. Based on the results you will get a printable certificate with your achievement in detail. This is not a language exam certificate but you will clearly see your strength and what you have to practice more.