Welcome to the Levelty level test

With this test, you can learn which level you are at approximately according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (A2, B1, B2 or C1), and which Levelty course is best for you based on your present knowledge.

The test is gradually more and more difficult. If you feel that after a while you are just guessing (at the last 4-5 questions), don’t continue guessing. Instead, go to the last page of the test and press the “Finish quiz” button.

The test is not an A-B-C multiple choice test. For this reason, pay attention

  • not to misspell something,
  • not to use extra, unnecessary characters (for example invisible extra spaces),
  • not to use punctuation marks (.,?) if they are printed there anyway.

At drag-and-drop exercises, click on the item, drag it to its place and drop it when you see a yellow line.

Please note that your result will NOT include the right answers. This test is to identify your level of English.

Start the test when you are ready and enjoy the ride. 🙂