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What is special about the Levelty courses?

All the courses are based on novels, and each takes around 6 months to complete. A novel is divided into 10 chapters, each chapter highlighting a grammar item that you will learn. Each chapter has two parts. So, you will have 20 learning lessons altogether and 2 or 3 revision lessons. Each lesson is built up in the same way: after reading the bit of the story, you will perfect your grammar, enrich your vocabulary, perfect your pronunciation, work on your comprehension with a Levelty course.

Each course aims to reach a certain level set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). There is a course that takes you from level A2 to B1, another course from level B1 to B2, and another course from level B2 to C1. The story of each novel is written at the level of the target level, representing the natural use of English at that level.


The novels that the courses are based on are NOT “easy readers”. “Easy readers” are simplified versions of some literary work. They are simplified so that you can understand them easily. A Levelty novel, however, is written exactly with a range of vocabulary that is widely used in the living language at that level. So, even if your English is not perfect yet, you will sound smart.

How will I improve with a Levelty course?

ach chapter of a novel focuses on a grammar item. You will see this grammar item in use in different contexts in that chapter. By the end of the chapter you will have an idea of how this grammar item works, but of course, by reading the colourful and interactive grammar section of the lesson belonging to that chapter, everything will become chrystal clear. Then, you will have the chance to practice.

The vocabulary of each novel is selected carefully, and the most important words come back again and again throughout the whole story, so they stick easily. Besides, you can practice the new words with exercises.

In the lesson, you will also find a pronunciation section where you can practice with a video. All the sections use the new grammar and vocabulary items of the lesson, so learning is very smooth and simple.

How can I choose a course?

If you don’t know your start level, here’s a level test for you. Take it, and based on the result, you can easily choose your course.

What if the level of the course I have chosen is not good for me?

No worries, write to and we will replace your course. It is very important to learn with the appropriate course, so feel free to contact us. Please take into consideration that the level-guarantee can be used only during the trial period (so in the first month) of the course.

Is there a course for beginners?

No, beginners can’t learn with us. We start at level A2. This is the level where people first begin to lose their motivation for learning. With the exciting novel-based Levelty method, you can get a boost in your motivation, and ultimately in your English knowledge.

Is there a moneyback guarantee?

As the first month of the course is a trial period and it cost only 1 E, you have one month to decide whether you want to continue learning with the course or not. If not, simply cancel your subscription, and we won’t charge your card at all afterwards.

You must know that after cancellation, you won’t have access to the course at all, not even to the lessons of the first month.

If in the first month you realise that the level of the course is not good for you, write to us and we will replace your course with another one that is appropriate.

How can I pay?

You can pay by card and by ApplePay, via Stripe. These digital methods are 

  • safe for you as a customer – the law protects you
  • convenient because after purchase, you can start learning with your course immediately
  • clear as you pay exactly as much as you are expected to pay

You pay for your Levelty course in 6 months (as a form of subscription):

Month 1 – 1 E registration fee – you have a month to decide whether you want to continue the course or not
Month 2 – course fee – if you have decided to continue
Month 3 – course fee
Month 4 – course fee
Month 5 – course fee
Month 6 – course fee

After month 6 your card isn’t charged anymore and you can get unlimited access to your course.

When you pay for the registration, you entitle Levelty Books to charge your card for the next 5 payments unless you decide to cancel your subscription. In that case your card won’t be charged anymore and you won’t be able to access your course at all.