Do you need English for your work?

Have you ever been in a situation like any of these?


You had to give a presentation at your workplace and you felt uncomfortable because of your English

You had a meeting with your foreign colleagues or partners and you didn’t say too much because you couldn’t express yourself clearly

You were in negotiation and you couldn’t conclude it with great results because you couldn’t be convincing in English.

At a business lunch you concentrated on eating instead of chatting with ease…

You can change these situations. Actually, you have to change these situations – for yourself and for your career.

It is important that you express yourself clearly, with appropriate words and grammar to avoid misunderstandings. Also, an improperly used or pronounced word can give a totally different meaning to your sentences.

Likewise, you must understand exactly, without a doubt, what the speaker tells you.

When using a second language, there can be misunderstandings, especially if you use the typical characteristics of your native language. And the problem is that you won’t even know why you don’t understand each other. This might cost you important deals and agreements. This is too high a price for not speaking English well enough.

So, you need to learn to communicate clearly and appropriately as soon as possible.

You probably have a rich vocabulary of your profession but your grammar might be much poorer. And you might keep your fingers crossed not to be invited to a business dinner with casual topics.

Do you wish to improve your English to maintain your prestige but you are very busy? You need a method that is fast, effective, and flexible.

Half a year and you will speak much better English!

Levelty online courses are designed for fast progress in a highly entertaining way.

Within 6 months your English will be at a totally different level, you will:

  • express yourself much clearer
  • understand spoken English well
  • have a much more English-like pronunciation
  • use a wide range of vocabulary
  • use grammar more correctly than ever

You can learn with a unique method without strenuous effort. You will notice the change day by day. Your colleagues will admire your knowledge.

Here’s what others say about the Levelty method

 “The exciting story leads students on from chapter to chapter, while they learn both colloquial English and important grammatical structures. Challenging and fun – a great teaching and learning tool.”

Antonia Burrows

English tutor, proof reader, creative writing instructor

“All I need is in one place and it saves me a lot of time and energy: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and a lot of examples in context. I get unlimited access to the course, so I can go back and practice whatever I need to. At the language exam I was proud of myself because I could use a lot of things that I learnt from this course. Now at my workplace I use a whole lot of phrases I learnt here. No other method has been this efficient for me.”

Zita Gadó

Levelty learner (Hidden Movements)


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These lessons will


teach you grammar


enrich your vocabulary with words and phrases


improve your listening and reading skills


perfect your pronunciation and make you speak


at the same time, introduce the Levelty method in detail

Try the Levelty method now FOR FREE, and enjoy learning English with the power of stories.