Do you need English for your work?

It is important that you express yourself clearly, with appropriate words and grammar to avoid misunderstandings. An improperly pronounced or used word can give a totally different meaning to your sentences.

Likewise, you must understand exactly, without doubt, what the speaker tells you.

When using a second language, you can easily misunderstand each other if you use the typical characteristics of your native language. And the problem is that you won’t even know why you don’t understand each other. This might cost even your agreement. This is too high a price for not speaking English well enough.

So, you need to learn to communicate clearly and appropriately as soon as possible.

You probably have a rich vocabulary of your profession but your grammar is much poorer. And you might keep your fingers crossed not to be invited to a business dinner with casual topics.

You wish to improve your English to maintain your prestige but you are very busy. You need a method that is fast, effective, and flexible.

make real progress

develop all language skills

learn from all-inclusive lessons – no need for a grammar book or a dictionary

learn at your own pace

have fun while learning

The Levelty method brings this all to you